The Three Casino Games with the Best Odds

Professional gamblers don’t make a living at the casinos by throwing hundreds of dollars into slot machines or laying a handful of chips down on whatever games strike their fancy. Most professional gamblers specialize in one or two games, like gamers who play nothing but poker, which might not be the best game in terms of odds, but allows for a lot of strategy, allowing players to win with bad hands (and lose with great ones).

Maybe you don’t have any interest in being a professional gambler. Maybe gaming is a hobby for you, and you don’t have time to become a master poker player, but you like the idea of playing the odds wisely, and you’d like to up your chances of winning. Here are the three best games to play in casinos when it comes to improving your odds:


  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Roulette

And if you play slots, it can vary from game to game, but the $1 and $5 slots will generally pay out better than the penny slots. If you do play penny slots, you’ll have better odds playing 50 cents than 2 cents.

Table games are your best bet. With roulette, betting on one color always gives you 50/50 odds, which is pretty good as far as gaming odds go. Craps similarly offers a near 50/50 shot, while blackjack only offers the house a 1 percent edge. Go to to play these games online!

Poker can offer really great odds if you’re experienced, but novices are likely to lose to more experienced players more often than not.

When real gamblers play, they play to play. The fact that you might never see that casino chip again is part of the thrill of the game, but you know what’s even more thrilling? That moment occurs when that casino chip goes right back into your hands with 10 of its buddies, bet feeling in the world.