The Making of a High Roller: The Fed-Ex Story

Many people often make the mistake of separating seemingly by-the-book and legitimate business figures from those commercial big-hitters that are (if anything a little over) fond of the surroundings of the casino floor.

In truth, gambling is very deeply rooted in the infrastructure of a lot of modern business. Take for example the story of the early days of global courier giants FedEx.
Though the company currently employs 290,000 people all over the world, and boasts a market capitalisation of $32billion– times haven’t always been so good for the company.

All the way back in 1973, the company found itself faced with a $24,000 fuel bill and only $5,000 spare to pay it. Instead of going down the traditional route of liquidation, founder Fred Smith - Founder FedExFred Smith decided to take the five grand down to the casino.

In one fateful evenings worth of Blackjack, Mr Smith successfully accumulated the funds necessary to keep FedEx afloat, ensuring the company’s survival and his future fortune- which Forbes estimates to currently stand at just over $2billion.
Just goes to show I suppose, he who dares does indeed win- at least sometimes!