An Englishman in Nevada

Presumably not the first man of British origin to travel out to Las Vegas in search of an untimely fortune, the story of Ashley Revell is a particularly notable one.

Selling all of his earthly possessions and pretty much aiming to accumulate as much money as humanly possible, Ashley set off for the desert with around $135,000- set on returning with heaps more, or nothing at all.

A brave move, some may say- but hardly the first man to take it. Upon arrival in Las Vegas, Mr Revell pretty much headed straight for the world famous Plaza Hotel & Casino and threw his entire budget on one spin of roulette.

His bet: all on red. The result of the spin: 7 red and a very happy Englishman.

Though many have and will probably continue to state Revell is a high roller, this single bet remains his most risky. However, the guy did use his doubled up funds to set up his own online poker company, not forgetting to tip the dealer $600 in a classic display of English manners- so I kind of think his story is relevant!